Your dad is corrupt

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I wrote this in July, it is good to reread it in light of the recent documentary on South Sudan war profiteering.

Sometime back I was talking to an acquaintance about the problem of war profiteering in South Sudan and how some political leaders are making cash despite the conflict and suffering that has bedeviled the nation.
The person replied by saying “not all of them, my dad is a general and he is a good guy ”.
I replied by saying, “sure, I think he is a good guy”. To be honest, I did not know the dad and had no interest in asking any questions about his personality. I knew the person was not in a position to look at the father in any way apart from the “noble general who works hard to feed his family and educate the children”.
Okay, I am not saying he is not a good noble dad, I am just saying that in my short life I have met many relatives of politicians and government officials; I don’t recall any of them saying “daddy is part of a corrupt and dishonest elite”.
At times I get the feeling that corrupt leaders don’t have any children or relatives. Because all the relatives I meet only talk about the virtues of XYZ leader.
Don’t jump to the comment section yet!! I know this is a very controversial topic. I see myself getting a lot of flack for writing this. I am cool with it. Just read until the end.
I am convinced that there are many people who have either directly or indirectly benefited from corrupt political leaders. I think I might have benefited also, who knows !.
I am talking about ordinary citizens who got school fees, wedding gifts, donations or assistance for medical bills.
South Sudan has a very established communal society where those who have provide assistance to those who have less. Our political leaders are very good at “supporting” their community.
The question is, should we allow such support to silence our questioning ability ?
Is it possible for us to reject support from loved ones who have willingly taken public funds ?
Where do we draw the line between generous leaders and those who spend more money than they earn. Why are we not questioning leaders who support us in ways that we know is anything but transparent
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