Throwing few stones at the “Nowness” movement.

February  2019 / 6 No Comments

I am back to writing.
Throwing few stones at the “Nowness” movement.

There is a sense of unnecessary “Nowness” with these messaging apps that is not needed. The notion that every message needs to be read, understood and replied instantly is just wrong. This is made hard with the assumption that people have of those they message, most of us think the receiver is (should be) focused on our message and our message only. As if life freezes for to enable humans to reply a message and then it continues.

This nowness is solidified by the nature of these mediums. The foot soldiers of the nowness revolution includes notifications, “seen”, “active online” , “last seen” and the killa one “blue ticks”.

I view this sense of urgency as inauthentic and unrealistic, can you imagine getting into a room with 10 people who are all trying to talk to you simultaneously. We will view that as weird and unnatural. Why is it allowed online, why do you think people can have concurrent fruitful conversations with over 10 people and still be personal and relevant with each of them.

Let me not start talking about “groups” !!

Our ancestors who sent letters overseas and waited for weeks or months before getting a reply tried to be very thoughtful and sincere in every word they wrote, most of them did maintain useful and health relationships.
Sincerity and thoughtfulness are some of the first victims of the nowness “war”, I don’t think people are deliberately insincere, some just can’t keep up. The infamous “where are you ” text rarely gets an accurate reply. I think the quest to be nice in every text is more to blame than dishonesty.
In this age, every person on the planet (or space) is few minutes away, does that make for healthy relationships.
You be the judge

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