New ICT Based Campaign Battles Hate Speech Online

June  2018 / 20 No Comments

I am glad to see some of our work featured on Peace News Network
#defyhatenow seeks to support those voices acting against the conflict to go ‘viral’ within and outside the country – bringing the South Sudanese diaspora into the online peacebuilding framework, bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.
Thanks to our partner PeaceTech Lab for their contribution to hate speech mitigation in #SouthSudan through theirLexicon of Hate Speech Terms, combining cutting-edge social media analysis with in-country expertise to identify both the terms likely to incite violence, and their social and political context. The Lexicon also identifies alternative language that would mitigate the impact of this speech via an online portal for countering hate speech.
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