Google knows you more than you do

February  2019 / 6 No Comments

Listen folks, it is true, Google knows more about you than your family, wife, husband kids .. etc
I can say, only God knows more about you than Google.

Today as I was randomly going though my google account settings I stumbled on the tap for checking my search history.

The rest is akin to reading pages from Orwell’s book 1984, “Big Brother is Watching You.”

I got to know that google has over 150 locations and dates of palaces I visited over the past few years. All the locations are doted red in the map . Including places I visited two years ago and some very recent. They also know the websites visited, videos I watched on Youtube, likes and comments and items I downloaded.

I got so scared and decided to delete all these “history” google has about me.
Having this amount of date about your activities is very dangerous, even if you are doing simple and innocuous (not illegal )things.
What if you are an investigative journalist working with sources who’s lives might be jeopardized if someone knew you visited their location frequently
What if the Government gets hold of such data and uses it to implicate you or your sources in things you did not do.
What about those reporting human right abuses etc.

And woe unto you if you are an unfaithful partner, your end is near if your partner gets hold of your google history. (you deserve it though )

Deleting these data is not easy, I had to go through several steps, mind you, I am a very technical person. What about those who can barely change their screen’s brightness settings.

In this 2019 you should take charge of your digital footprint or accept to be watched all the time.

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