A beauty salon or a barbershop

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A beauty salon or a barbershop

I lady friend of mine once complemented me by saying
“Kwaje, I think you might be president one day ”
Me trying to be kind and polite replied :
“you can also become a first lady in the future ”
Friend : “what? You mean I can’t be president, is it because I am a woman “ . this was just before Trump won, you can imagine the context !!

subtle but true, my reply displayed a chauvinistic side of my character that I hid or tried to hide for long.
Growing up in Sudan, a very Islamic country, they once implemented sharia law full fledge . In short, I had my fair share of gender defined everything. This is for women and this is for men was a constant factor of life . South Sudan having been part of Sudan from time memorial has few of these traditional roles firm in its DNA.

South Sudanese view of women is very protective in nature, you can’t sit in a bus and leave a woman standing (not so in my country of residence!! ), women should not foot the bill, men do that for them. We are men right !

The other side of the coin for such privileges is that it creates two boxes perfectly designed to fit each gender.
“Mara Sakit”; a phrase which means “Just a woman ” , the extended meaning can be translated as any of the points below
-she is incapable of of doing this “Mara Sakit”
-Who allowed her in “Mara Sakit”
-Why consult her in these matters “Mara Sakit”
-She cannot give me orders “Mara Sakit”

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